Win a yearly membership worth £250!

As many of you know alongside running Leeds Musical Theatre Choir I like to write original musicals! In the past few years I have written a musical called 'Plague' (it was written long before COVID trust me!) a musical about the 'medieval black death' Plague in the 1300s! I was fortunate enough to have the show performed at the Carriageworks Theatre in September 2021 which was an amazing experience to hear the music I'd written being performed by an amazing cast and massive band.

I've now been given the opportunity to take Plague to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2022 which to me is still unbelievable! and to top it off we've written a second musical that will be going up to Edinburgh at the same time too (nothing like a bit of pressure!) But a part of getting there is the task of fundraising £9000 for show fees and accommodation etc.

We have been talking as a team about raffles a lot recently and I didn't think I had anything to offer that anyone would actually want until it hit me that I've got a fabulous choir who might be interested in winning their yearly membership, worth £250, for just £5! So if you fancy a punt at saving yourself some money and/or helping me out with my fundraising goal I'm offering you the opportunity to purchase a ticket for this raffle for just £5. You can purchase as many tickets as you like and the raffle is only open to current members of Leeds Musical Theatre Choir.

If you've already purchased a yearly membership you can save the prize for the following year, or get a refund of your current membership.

Hopefully, you will see this as a bit of fun and please understand there is no obligation to get involved at all! You can buy as many tickets as you like below, or you can purchase them from Sophie or Kayleigh when you sign into choir if you'd prepare to pay by cash.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and GOOD LUCK!

Robert (and Sophie who will be coming along to perform in Edinburgh too!)

Runner up PRIZES

- 1 Month of Free Membership! (£25)

- 2 Free Concert Tickets for Christmas (27th November 2022)

- 2 Free Concert Tickets for Christmas (27th November 2022)

The draw will take place on Saturday 25th June!