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LEEDS MUSICAL THEATRE CHOIR is a choir based in the heart of Leeds that specialises in performing songs from everyone's favourite musicals from stage and screen.

The choir prides itself on its contemporary arrangements and song choices, although it still makes room for some classics!

The choir was founded by award winning musical director and arranger Robert Sanders.

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Naomi M

“I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to keep singing and performing virtually as part of the choir. Singing totally boosts my mood and when the final videos for each song come out they create such a buzz and I can share the fun with friends and family. Rob teaches each song in manageable sections and in a way that is easy for non-musical whizzes like me to understand. He also provides really clear guide vocals that you can practice with and listen to when you’re recording the final version of each song. Rob’s arrangements are super creative and stunning to listen to and I’m always so proud to be a part of each and every video that we release! "

Beth R

“Rob is a ridiculously talented choir director and his arrangements provide both challenge and beauty in rich harmonies. It has been the highlight of my year, a true light in a time where hope has been limited. Learning harmonies via rehearsal videos and guide vocals has been the structure and routine needed for my well-being and massively improved my mental health. It has been an amazing community to be apart of and feel a sense of togetherness when we haven’t been able to physically experience this in such a long time. Leeds Musical Theatre Choir has brought hope and happiness and a sense of creative pride in our achievements. "

Claire H

“LMTC is such an amazing choir to be part of. I love that its isn’t the typical old-fashioned choir and that we get to cover all different styles of musical theatre songs. The arrangements Rob puts together are so fantastic and I love getting to learn all the different harmonies.  "

Suzy W

“What a JOY it is to be a part of LMTC! With such a huge range of brilliant music, this amazing genre is fantastic to sing as part of a choir.I’ve always loved musical theatre and through the choir I’ve discovered so many new songs - all the pieces we’ve recorded so far have been arranged especially for the choir by our choral director Rob. During the past few lockdowns, once we have learnt the music, we go away and record our own audio and video. We send this to Rob and he works his magic and puts all the tracks and videos together in a brilliant and creative way. We can’t wait to finally perform together for a live audience!Rob is so passionate about the choir and he works tirelessly to create something that I’m so proud to be a part of!"